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A clone of a clone.

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Built with cross platform competition in mind, Cloney is available on every platform and available to play in the web browser as well. With options to submit your scores to our worldwide leaderboard (powered by UnityForge), no matter where you play, you will be able to compare and compete with your friends.

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The simple tap mechanic brings nothing new to video games, nor does the idea of trying to keep at a specific height to avoid obstacles and collect coins suggest any form of innovation.

Whether your a casual game or a hardcore gamer, this game appeals to your basic of all needs. The need to beat your friends high scores and post to "social media" bragging about it.


With simplified gameplay mechanics, almost anyone of any age can pickup the game and begin to play within a matter of seconds.

Cloney is a dragon looking for coins, simply tap your way through this endless runner collecting as many coins as you can without flying into anything!

24 Hour Timelapse

Ever wondered what it is involved in making a video game?

We recorded the entire process from inception to prototype and crammed it all into this short video.

Made with LOVE

This project would not have come together so quickly without the amazing efforts of people around the world who had little or no knowledge of the task at hand, yet still provided valuable contributions to the project.

Matthias Andre For his cute Micro Dragon Fino, which we have grown quite fond of over the course of development.
Sebastian Angermeyer For his handy Pickup Items package, which made quick work of our need for collectables in the game.
Alexander Brandon For breathing life into Cloney with his awesome audio skills over at Funky Rustic.
Erin Catto For his creation of Box2D, the library that powers the physics in the game (included in Unity). Without this powerful and speedy implementation this game would not run so smoothly.
Mike Fortais For the initial push to make the game, if only to prove a point that it could be done easily in a matter of hours.
Jean Moreno For the creation of some of the best Cartoon Particle Effects we have seen on the Unity Asset Store.
Dong Nguyen For making Flappy Bird, which started this whole craze.
Michael Orkisz For creating the spectacular 2D Art Pack that we used throughout the game, vividly depicting our generated environment.
Cesar Rios Oruna For his easy to modify, yet great implementation of a 2D Water Line.
Amanda Rochon For being very nice, even when the clouds needed fixing.
Robin Southern For his support and input throughout the development process and providing insights into some of the United Kingdom's finest culinary creations.
Unity For all their hard work in creating one of the most accessible game engines we've had the pleasure of working with.
Xamarin For there never ending crusade to create the wonderful cross-platform IDE Xamarin Studio.